In this experience you will get to know the culture and traditions of our country through the popular dances that characterize us. You will learn about the history of the dances, its geographical, climatic and territorial influences.
You will appreciate our customs and traditions through the exhibition of clothes and country articles, and the performance of folk dances, learning choreographies, steps and figures. You will be able to experience a great part of argentinian art and tradition through movement.

• Duration: 2 hours.
• Location: Grace Cafayate
• Reservation: 48hs. Prior.
• Hour: Between 14 and 17 hs.

* Includes theorical class, accompanied by the traditional argentinian "mate" and home made breads.
* Includes local clothing and typical musical instruments.
*Consult for English class.

*There is an additional charge for the hotel’s shuttle service to off-site destinations for Bespoke Experiences.
For more information and to make a booking, please contact the hotel at +54 3868 427000
or via email: res.cafayate@graceargentina.com.ar